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About Us

Able Restoration Systems is an industry leader in reconditioning leather, vinyl, fabric and plastic of automobiles, boats, RVs, planes and furniture. We services the greater Cincinnati area.

Our expert technicians can restore your damaged and worn items. Our restorations are a cost effective way to avoid replacing your furniture. In addition to quality and professionalism, Able Restoration Systems offers convenience by performing all repairs on-site at your home, office, body shop, restaurant or car dealership.

Let our certified technicians at Able Restoration Systems in Cincinnati restore the interior of your plane, automobile, RV, and home furniture by enhancing natural beauty to it's previous glory. Our craftsmen will meticulously eliminate scuffs, scratches, gouges, rips, tears and color fading. Our mission at Able Restoration Systems is to provide quality service that is superior to our competitors. 


John C.

"All I can say is wow! I had Able come out and repair a soccer ball sized hole in my sofa cushion.  My wife wanted to buy a new couch, but I'm frugal and wanted to repair it. The repair exceeded my expectations. Able saved me close to $1,000 and probably saved my dog from going to the pound. They did an amazing job I will definitely use them again."

Lindsey K.

"Jason from Able Restorations is a life saver. He repaired a burn hole in my rental car in the parking lot of my job.  Had I returned the car with that hole, I would have been charged a small fortune. I highly recommend Able Restoration Systems."

Tina R.

"I have used Able for years and they have always provided quality service at an affordable price. My children are really rough on furniture and Able has saved my couch and car upholstery from crayon and pen marks and the occasional scratch from clothing buttons and zippers. I love my kids, but hate the mess they can sometimes leave behind. Try Able and you won't regret it!"


Able Restoration Systems

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